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2024 ISPE Singapore Affiliate Conference & Exhibition
28-30 August 2024 | Suntec Singapore & Online
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Who Attended in 2023?

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ISPE Singapore Affiliate conference done and dusted. We had such an amazing time here, the quality of speakers and exhibitions was top class, and most importantly we got to meet and connect with some fantastic people and pharma professionals on our visit here.  

…congratulations to ISPE Singapore Affiliate for such a great event for networking!  

…an exciting and productive trip to Singapore!
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Participants by Region: Total 1,583 from 36 countries 

  • Total number of participants grew by 21% from last year 
  • In-person attendance increased by more than 25% compared to 2022 
  • Over 3⁄4 of participants are Singapore-based 
  • Attendees from South East Asia formed the largest overseas group, followed by 
  • North Asia 
  • Rest of the World accounted for 10% of all participants 
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Participants by Type 

  • Over half of participants were visitors, equally through onsite or pre-registration 
  • Conference delegates formed 1⁄4 of attendees, excluding 6% who were speakers
  • All conference attendees could view the livestream, however the majority attended in-person
  • Only 4% of participants attended Online attendees 
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Participants by Industry 

  • 19% of participants from manufacturing, whether pharma, biopharma or CDMOs. 
  • A further 15% were EPCM companies, an increase from 7% in 2022.
  • 35% of the audience build facilities and/or manufactures bio/pharma products.
  • An increase in digital and automation related providers joined equipment suppliers. 
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A. Menarini AP Holdings
Abbott Manufacturing Singapore Pte Ltd ABBVIE OPERATIONS SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. Advance Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Alcon Singapore Manufacuring Pte Ltd
Ali Gohar Pharmaceuticals
Alkem Laboratories Ltd
Amgen Singapore Manufacturing
Avant Proteins Pte Ltd
Baiya Phytopharm
Bayer (South East Asia) Pte Ltd
Biocon Sdn Bhd
Brookes Pharma Private Limited
Celligenics Pte Ltd
Cellvec Pte Ltd
Dotter, Inc
Drugmakers Laboratory, Inc
Duopharma M Sdn Bhd
Esco Aster Pte. Ltd.
Euro-Med Laboratories Phil
Fosun Kite Biotechnology Co., Ltd
GDMC Pte Ltd
Genepeutic Bio Co., Ltd.
GEN-Y Biologics Pte Ltd
Gilead Sciences
Government Pharmaceutical Organization GSK
GSK Biologics
GSK Vaccines
Haw Par Healthcare Limited
ICM Pharma Pte Ltd
Illumina Singapore Pte Ltd
Johnson & Johnson
Leung Kai Fook Medical Co Pte Ltd
Life Technologies Holdings Pte Ltd
LifeOrb Limited
Lilly Centre for Clinical Pharmacology Pte Ltd Lion TCR 
LKF Medical Co Pte Ltd
Lonza Biologics Singapore
Lonza Bioscience Singapore Pte Ltd
M. J. Biopharm Private Limited
Menarini APAC
Merck & Co, Inc
Merck Sharp and Dohme (I. A.) LLC Minapharm
MSD International GMBH
Mycenax Bio Inc
Nordson Medical
Novartis Biopharma
Novartis Biotech
Novartis Corporation (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Novartis Singapore Biologicals
Novartis Singapore Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Ltd.
Novo Nordisk Pharmatech
OLIC (Thailand) LTD.
Opto-Pharm Pte Ltd
Patheon Thermo Fisher Scientific
Pfizer Pte Ltd
Pharmaniaga Bhd
Popular Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Prestige Biopharma
PT Biofarma
RG Pharmaceutica (pvt).Ltd
Roche Singapore Technical Operations Rxilient Health Pte Ltd
Santen Pharmaceutical Asia Pte. Ltd. Sinopharm
Solution Biologics Sdn Bhd
STA Pharmaceutical Singapore Pte Ltd
Strides Pharma Global
T.P. Drug Laboratories (1969) Co., Ltd. Takeda
Thermo Fisher Biopharma Services Pte Ltd Twist Bioscience
Wuxi Advanced Therapies Singapore Pte Ltd WuXi Biologics Biopharmaceuticals Singapore Private Limited
Yisheng Biopharma
YSP Industry 
ISPE Singapore Conference & Exhibition 2023 participants