ISPE Singapore Student Hackathon 2021

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ISPE Singapore Student Hackathon 2021

The ISPE SG Hackathon has successfully concluded from 18th to 27th June.

The Hackathon’s aims were:
1) Expanding participant network with likeminded peers
2) For participants to learn about the Pharmaceutical Industry and skills relevant to the industry
3) Providing Learning through Gamifications

We are glad to say it was a success as participants enjoyed their experience and could also learn key concepts about the Pharma 4.0 process in Manufacturing. The participants were of an impressive standard as they also brought in business perspectives to discuss the feasibility of their ideas.

This event wouldn’t have been possible without the Coaches who volunteered and provided key and useful advices to the teams.

We wish to thank the Judges, Coaches, Participants and the Organising Committee for making this event a success. We hope you will look forward to ISPE SG Hackathon 2022.

Testimonial from Tan Zhi Hao Gary

Congratulations to Team 2 and the best presenters:

Tan Zhi Hao Gary and Preetijit Kaur!

The winning team was awarded a team prize of S$ 900 and a conference ticket for each member.

The best presenters were awarded a prize of S$ 50 each and a conference ticket.


TEAM 2 – Winning Team

Team Members: Tan Zhi Hao, Gary – Team Lead, Fortuna Oktavilina, Syasya Amyra, Suhana Haironlizan, Teo Jun Hui and Manuel Ungerer as coach


Introduction: The team was tasked to innovate solutions to tackle challenges faced by the Manufacturing industry in its transition towards Pharma 4.0. X-UP’s case study was selected to illustrate a supply chain system issue, and to suggest a possible solution. X-UP is a biopharmaceutical company that has 6 plants across the globe, producing 2 main products; monoclonal antibody XX and XY. The plants have different production capacity with the same systems in place (ERP & MES). However, adaptability to the fluctuating market demands are still manual, and plants are stocked with additional 6 months worth of prepatory stock, which lead to huge amounts of wastage.

Presentation: View their presentation >>

Special Thanks to all participants, coaches, task team and judges for their support, fantastic efforts and enthusiasm.

Judging Panel:
Sandeep R Lavalekar, Vice President Quality and Regulatory Affairs, Strides Pharma Global
Wilson Deng, CEO, Industry 4.0 Transformation, Arcstone
Saddam Nawaz, Head of Quality Assurance, ACI HealthCare Ltd

Junhan Lin, Manufacturing Systems Manager, Novartis
Chee Wei Ng, Principal Chemical Engineer, GSK
Sabrina Peh, Process Coordinator, Novartis

Manuel Ungerer, Head of Site Development Cluster APAC, Novartis

Task Team:
Wong Jianwei, Emerging Leaders Committee Chair, Singapore Affiliate & Validation Engineer
David Yee, Emerging Leaders Committee Vice Chair, ISPE Singapore Affiliate & Pharmaceutical Process CQV Engineer, Project Delivery Partners
Harshita Sachdev, Technical Business Analyst, FDM Group
Chan Jin Wei Louis, Growth Associate, Global Consulting Group & President of the Student Chapter, ISPE Singapore Affiliate
Moneem Ahmed, Associate Consultant, Veeva Systems 
Vamsi Krishna Alamuru, Chemical Engineering and Economics Undergraduate, NUS