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2023 ISPE Singapore Affiliate Conference & Exhibition
2023 ISPE Singapore Affiliate Conference & Exhibition
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SINTECH Scientific

SINTECH Scientific


About SINTECH Scientific

Sintech Scientific represents products for pharmaceutical from manufacturers as shown;
PAMAS Particle analysis of pharmaceutical fluids
  • SVSS (Small Volume) is designed for the analysis of low viscous fluids including infusion solutions, parenterals, pharmaceutical suspensions and intravenous or ophthalmic liquids. 
  •  SBSS (Syringe Bottle) for higher viscosity with gas bubbles 
  •  USP software fully compliant with 21 CFR Part 11, USP, EP, BP, JP, KP and IPC pharmacopoeia.

SCHMIDT + HAENSCH GmbH & Co – Polarimeter, VariPol Series
Basic Polarimeter especially designed for pharmaceutical applications; Modularity; Fast measuring; Peltier system for
automatic temperature control; easy to calibrate; constant precision over the whole measuring range, 21 CFR part 11 ready; energy saving durable LEDs; ELN; LIMS ready 

SINTECH Scientific Team